Indulge in Chocolate: From Morning Treats to Stunning Desserts




Indulge in your chocolate fantasies with this extensive compilation of over 200 fail-safe recipes that elevate chocolate to star status across a variety of dishes—from morning treats and energizing snacks to luxurious desserts for special occasions.

Chocolate, arguably the most universally adored flavor, takes center stage in Everything Chocolate, your ultimate resource for every conceivable chocolate-infused delight, suitable for any time of the day. Start your mornings with the simplicity of Chocolate-Walnut Muffins topped with streusel, or take the time to craft professional-grade Chocolate Croissants on leisurely weekends. Brighten up lunchboxes with Milk Chocolate Revel Bars, and cap off dinners with enchanting desserts like Magic Chocolate Flan Cake or a Chocolate Pavlova adorned with Berries and Whipped Cream.

This collection taps into the nostalgic love for chocolate, reminiscent of sneaking freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies or enjoying candy bar treats. It rekindles those memories with recipes such as Chocolate Fluff Cookies and a Frozen Snickers Ice Cream Cake. Yet, chocolate also caters to sophisticated palates with elegant desserts like a Blood Orange Chocolate Tart or a ganache-draped Chocolate-Pecan Torte, teaching you the art of achieving a flawlessly smooth coating. The book covers the entire spectrum of chocolate creations, steering clear of common issues like imbalanced flavors or dry textures, thanks to a deep understanding of chocolate’s properties. Embark on a journey to becoming a home chocolatier, mastering the language of chocolate, selecting the finest cocoa powders, discerning when to use chocolate bars over chips, adorning desserts with decorative chocolate, and creating candies and cookies that boast a shiny, snappy chocolate coating with a tempering shortcut.