How Many Beers In A Pony Keg – Know Your Pony Keg Capacity

When it comes to hosting an unforgettable gathering, selecting the right amount of beer can be as crucial as the playlist you curate or the people you invite. Enter the Pony Keg—a popular choice for events big and small, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to keep the beer flowing. But how many beers in a pony keg? This question is more common than you might think, especially among first-time hosts and party planners aiming to strike the perfect balance between abundance and practicality. In this guide, we’ll unravel the mystery of the Pony Keg’s capacity, diving into the specifics of pints, cans, and bottles it can hold. Whether you’re planning a cozy family barbecue, an elegant wedding reception, or a lively backyard bash, understanding the volume of a Pony Keg will empower you to cater to your guests with confidence and ease. Let’s raise a glass to finding the perfect keg for your next event.


Understanding Pony Kegs

Specifically, a pony keg holds 7.75 US gallons or about 29 liters of beer. This translates to:

  • Approximately 62 pints (16 oz each)
  • Or 82 cans/bottles (12 oz each)

So if you’re wondering how many 12 ounce cans or bottles fit in a pony keg, the answer is about 82. A pony keg contains almost half the capacity of a full-size 15.5 gallon keg. The smaller size makes pony kegs great for tailgates, backyard parties, small weddings, family reunions, and other events with 50-100 guests. They provide freshly tapped draft beer without having lots of leftovers.

Capacity and Servings From A Pony Keg

To estimate the number of servings from a pony keg, you’ll need to think about your event details:

  • Guest count: Plan for 12-16 oz per person
  • Alcohol strength: Light beers may get more pours per keg
  • Cup sizes: Larger 16oz cups = fewer servings than 12oz
  • Length of event: Is it 2 hours or 6 hours?

As a general guideline, here’s how many servings to expect from one pony keg:

  • 50 guests x 16 oz servings = 800 oz / 124 pints
  • 75 guests x 14 oz servings = 1050 oz / 82 pints
  • 100 guests x 12 oz servings = 1200 oz / 62 pints

So realistically, a single pony keg will provide beer for 50-100 people, depending on serving sizes and event duration. For larger groups, you may need multiple pony kegs.

Comparisons and Choices From A Pony Keg

Comparisons and Choices From A Pony Keg

Comparing a pony keg to other beer containers:

ContainerTotal CapacityServings*
Pony Keg7.75 gallons62 pints
Full Keg15.5 gallons124 pints
1/6 Barrel5.23 gallons42 pints
1/4 Barrel7.75 gallons62 pints
Craft Beer 1/2 Barrel15.5 gallons124 pints
Homebrew Keg5 gallons40 pints
12 oz Bottles/Cans (case)2424
*16 oz servings

While a pony keg holds less beer than a full keg, it provides more servings than a case of cans or bottles. For a small to medium crowd, the pony keg is a smart compromise. It brings the draft experience without too much excess. Cost-wise, pony kegs are often more affordable per ounce compared to bottles or cans once you account for deposits. For high-quality craft beers, the pony keg can be a budget-friendly format.

Practical Considerations From Pony Keg

To tap a pony keg, you’ll need some special equipment:

  • CO2 tank – provides pressure to push beer through lines
  • Keg coupler – attaches keg to gas and tap lines
  • Beer faucet/tap – dispenses beer from keg to glass
  • Tubing – food-grade plastic lines route beer

Many retailers rent “kegerator” units with all the taps, hoses, and regulators you need for an event. For frequent use, consider buying your own kegerator or jockey box to get years of use.

Proper refrigeration is key for a good pour. The keg itself can be stored cold in a refrigerator, or you can use a cold plate to chill it in a large tub. Keep it around 38°F before tapping and while serving.

Rotate kegs to use up beer within 2-3 weeks for best freshness. Replace tap lines and gaskets periodically for clean pours. Rinse taps and empty keg immediately after use.

Legal and Environmental Aspects

Legal and Environmental Aspects

There are some legal considerations when using pony kegs:

  • Age 21+: In the U.S., you must be 21 to purchase or drink alcohol from a keg
  • Permits: Some states require a temporary permit to serve alcohol at private events
  • Liability: Events with alcohol require insurance and often licensed servers
  • Transport: May require ID and receipt when moving a keg

Be sure to check your state and local laws. Use wristbands or ID checks to monitor drinking age. Follow all regulations for a safe and legal event.

Event Planning and Tips

The selection of beers for your pony keg depends on the supplier. Liquor stores may have domestics like Budweiser and craft selections like Sierra Nevada. Some breweries like New Belgium offer their own kegs. Check inventory and order early for best selection.

When estimating quantities, plan for 10-12 oz of beer per guest for a 2-3 hour event. Budget more for longer parties or heavier drinkers. It’s easier to have backup beer than run out!

Make sure to have enough cold space to store kegs and backup beverages. Consider equipment needs like pour spouts, fittings, tubs, ice, refrigeration, and backup CO2 tanks.

Having tapping instructions printed out, as well as pitchers, carafes, or buckets for collecting pours will streamline the process. Position the keg in a convenient, high-traffic spot so your bartenders aren’t running back and forth.

Conclusion: How Many Beers In A Pony Keg

In summary, a pony keg holds 7.75 gallons or approximately 62 pints of beer. This makes it a versatile size for small parties and events for 50-100 guests. While not as large as a full 15.5 gallon keg, the pony keg provides a good value at around 82 bottles worth of beer. With some advanced planning and the right serving equipment, it can provide fresh, tasty draft beer for your next special occasion or backyard gathering.

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