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Are you curious about how many calories in a whopper from Burger King? If so, you’re not alone. Many people around the world find themselves struggling to balance their dietary goals with their cravings for fast-food. Fortunately, while eating fast food doesn’t have to be part of a healthy diet, understanding nutritional content can help make educated decisions when dining out. In this blog post, we look at the calorie count in an iconic menu item: The Whopper from Burger King. Read on to discover more about what’s driving its popularity and the nutrition breakdown behind one of America’s most beloved junk food burgers!

What is a Whopper?

Before knowing how many calories in a whopper, the Whopper is Burger King’s signature burger and one of the most popular menu items. It features a flame-grilled quarter-pound beef patty, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions and mayonnaise on a toasted sesame seed bun. The sandwich has been around since 1957 and is still one of the most beloved fast food burgers in America.

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How Many Calories In A Whopper?


WHOPPER® SANDWICHES Serving Size (g) Calories Calories from fat
WHOPPER® Sandwich 270 660 360
WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese  292 740 420
Bacon & Cheese WHOPPER® Sandwich  303 790 460
DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich 354 900 520
DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese  377 980 580
TRIPLE WHOPPER® Sandwich  438 1130 680
TRIPLE WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese 461 1220 740
WHOPPER JR.® Sandwich  134 310 310

How To Calculate Whopper Calories?

Now that you know how many calories in a whopper, let’s explore how to calculate Whopper calories. To calculate the calorie content of a Whopper, there are a few variations to consider. For a regular Whopper with cheese, consuming the entire burger amounts to approximately 790 calories. Opting for a double Whopper, the calorie count increases to around 1,061. Keep in mind that if you accompany your Whopper with French fries, a small serving adds 207 calories, while a large serving adds 448 calories. If carbs are your main concern, a single Whopper contains approximately 53 grams, with only a small portion being fiber (around 3.2 grams). The double Whopper contains slightly more carbs, totaling about 54 grams, with 6.4 grams of fiber.

How To Calculate Whopper Calories?
How To Calculate Whopper Calories?

Whopper Nutrition Value

WHOPPER® SANDWICHES Total Fat Chol (mg) Sodium (mg) Total Carb (g) Dietary Fiber (g) Total Sugar (g) Protein (g)
WHOPPER® Sandwich 40  90  980  49  2 11 28
WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese  46 115 1340 50 2 11 32
Bacon & Cheese WHOPPER® Sandwich  51 125 1560 50 2 11 35
DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich 58 175 1050 49 2 11 48
DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese  64 195 1410 50 2 11 52
TRIPLE WHOPPER® Sandwich  75 255 1120 49 2 11 67
TRIPLE WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese 82 280 1470 50 2 11 71
WHOPPER JR.® Sandwich  18 40 390 27 1 7 13

Tips for Reducing Calories from a Whopper 

Skip the Mayo

Mayonnaise is a popular condiment, but it’s also one of the main sources of calories in a Whopper. A standard-sized serving of mayonnaise adds around 90 calories to your burger, which can quickly add up if you’re not careful. Instead, opt for ketchup or mustard as toppings, which are lower in calories and can still add flavor to your Whopper.

Go Bun-less

If you’re looking to further reduce your calorie intake, consider ordering your Whopper without the bun. The bun alone can add around 150 calories to your meal, so going bun-less can make a significant difference. You can also opt for a lettuce wrap instead of a bun for a lower-carb and lower-calorie option.

Tips for Reducing Calories from a Whopper 
Tips for Reducing Calories from a Whopper

Skip the Cheese

While cheese can add delicious flavor to a burger, it’s also a significant source of calories in a Whopper. A slice of cheese can add around 70 calories to your meal, so skipping it can significantly reduce the calorie count. If you still want some cheesy goodness, consider ordering your Whopper with just one slice of cheese instead of the traditional two.

Load Up on Veggies

Load up your Whopper with fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to add flavor and nutrients without adding extra calories. These healthy toppings can also make your burger more filling, helping you feel satisfied with less food.

4 thoughts on “How Many Calories in a Whopper? | Get the Facts Here”

  1. According to the Calorie King, an average sloppy joe contains 1062 Calories. Considering how Burger King is a fast-food chain that uses mostly-processed ingredients, we can assume that the calorie count for Burger King’s sloppy joe is almost double that amount

  2. A quick visit to the Burger King website reveals that a standard double whopper contains 900 calories. That’s before you add extras, like bacon, extra ketchup or mayo, cheese, etc.

    If you’re counting calories, you will know that the double whopper, all on its own, provides about half of your recommended daily calorie allowance, before you add a side of fries or onion rings and a sugary drink. The sandwich also has a whopping 1050 mg of sodium. The USDA recommends that adults limit their sodium intake to less than 2400 mg per day.

    If you’re ordering a complete meal by adding small fries and a small Coke, you’re getting an additional 610 calories and another 520 mg of sodium. If you supersize your meal, obviously those numbers go way up. Note that the numbers vary. I found nutrition information on several different sites, and the numbers for Canada and the UK differ somewhat. Curiously, the official Burger King site didn’t list the sodium content for the fries. I had to find that at another site.

  3. No. I don’t believe a meal at Burger King could be considered a good meal. I’m a good cook and although not a food snob I do have a high standard for what I consider to be “good”. Now as far as a decent satisfying lunch at Burger king you can order one of almost any one thing on the menu and a diet soda. I have a McDonald’s in the parking lot where I work and although I rarely eat anything there I do check their menu and I assume Burger King is similar. Most burger, chicken or fish sandwiches start at around 400 Cal and go up to 1130 with most of the heftier options around 750. This makes it hard to have two of anything or even nuggets or fries for under 750 Cal. For instance a double bacon smokehouse burger, large fries, and a large chocolate shake weighs in at 2480 Calories. I assume Burger king is quite the same fare.

  4. Yes. Because that’s how math works.

    Downloading their nutritional facts PDF, the Chicken Fries are listed as being 91 grams with 20 grams of carbs, and 13 grams of protein.

    They listed 150 of the 280 calories as being from fat. Carbs and protein both have 4 calories per gram.

    So doing elementary school math we find that 33*4 is 132.

    Using math I was capable of doing in preschool we find that 150+132 is 282.

    Looking at the entire BK menu PDF and another two dozen products from around my house, the only products I’ve found that don’t have a calorie count ending in a multiple of 10 are ones below 50, and those that do are always multiples of 5 instead.

    Which after googling “FDA calorie labeling rounding rules” is what the FDA guidelines are. Below five calories per serving you can round to zero, below 50 you round to the nearest 5, about 50 you round to the nearest 10.


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