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Knowing how many beers in a pony keg is essential for any event or gathering that involves serving beer. Whether you’re planning your next backyard barbecue, hosting a wedding reception, or putting together a corporate event at the office, understanding the size of different types of kegs―and what kind contains the most beer—is an important part of successful party planning. To help make things easier for you, today’s blog post will break down all there is to know about pony kegs: their sizes and capacities and when it might be appropriate to use one from other more traditional barrels. Let’s all get ready to pop open some cold ones with our own guide on pony kegs.

What Is a Pony Keg?

The pony keg, known as a squat keg in Europe, is a small-sized retail keg that holds approximately 5 liters of beer. It is easily tapped and typically not instantly reusable. The North American version of the pony keg, on the other hand, is larger, with a capacity of about 7.75 gallons (roughly 30 liters) and can be reused. To tap a North American pony keg, appropriate equipment like keg couplers is required. When comparing Corny kegs to pony kegs, the main difference lies in their size. Corny kegs are lighter and more portable, but the 5-gallon capacity might not always be sufficient.

What Is a Pony Keg?
What Is a Pony Keg?

How Many Beers In A Pony Keg?

How many beers in a pony keg? Cornelius Kegs, also known as home brew kegs, Pepsi kegs, or corny kegs, can hold 53 glasses (12oz), 40 pints (16 oz), or 10 growlers (64 oz) of beer.

Sixth Barrel Kegs, also referred to as sixtels or logs, can be filled with 55 glasses (12oz), 41 pints (16 oz), or 10 growlers (64 oz) of beer.

Quarter Barrel Kegs, sometimes known as pony kegs or stubby quarters, can hold glasses (12oz), 62 pints (16 oz), or 15 and a half growlers (64 oz) of beer.

Slim Quarter Kegs, also called tall quarters, can similarly hold 82 glasses (12oz), 62 pints (16 oz), or 15 and a half growlers (64 oz) of beer.

Half Barrel Kegs, or full-size kegs, can be filled with 165 glasses (12oz), 124 pints (16 oz), or 31 growlers (64 oz) of beer.

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Is There A Specific Temperature For Storing Pony Keg?

Is there a specific temperature for storing a pony keg? The recommended temperature for draft beer, including pony kegs, is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature helps to keep sediment settled and maintains the refreshing taste of the beer. If the beer gets too warm, it can decrease in freshness, develop an acidic taste, and cause foaminess when poured. It is important to always ensure that your business’s kegs, including pony kegs, are properly chilled and never stored at room temperature. Storing draft beer, including pony kegs, at the optimal temperature is essential to maintain freshness and ensure proper pouring consistency.

How Long Does Draft Beer in a Pony Keg Stay Fresh?

How long can draft beer in a keg stay fresh? The answer to this question depends on several factors such as temperature, pressure, and the type of beer. Pasteurized beer can stay fresh for approximately 90 to 120 days (three to four months), while unpasteurized draft beer typically has a shelf life of 45 to 60 days (six to eight weeks). Craft beers, which are unpasteurized, usually have a shorter freshness duration compared to standard import and domestic beers. Monitoring for a “born on” date or expiration date on the keg can help determine when to stop serving draft beer. It’s important to note that the countdown for freshness starts at the brewery when the keg is filled, not when it is tapped at the establishment. Proper monitoring and maintenance can ensure that kegs deliver high-quality drinks to customers for an extended period.

How Long Does Draft Beer in a Pony Keg Stay Fresh?
How Long Does Draft Beer in a Pony Keg Stay Fresh?

How to Choose a Pony Keg?

Now that you know How many beers in a pony keg, let’s explore how to choose a pony keg? If you have come across a solid quarter barrel keg for sale and are considering whether it’s the right model for you, there are factors worth considering.

There are two primary varieties of a pony keg – the standard quarter barrel keg and the slim quarter keg. Both have the same beer capacity but differ in other aspects.

Standard quarter barrel keg

The shorter and stubbier of the two, the standard quarter barrel keg is an excellent choice for small-scale parties. It offers the advantage of stackability, making it a convenient option for limited storage spaces. However, when stacked, only one keg can be tapped at a time.

Slim quarter keg

The taller and leaner of the two, the slim quarter keg is ideal for dual and triple tap kegerators, allowing you to serve different beverages with a single kegerator. Some single tap kegerators with large cabinets can also accommodate this keg type.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Pony Keg 

Wondering how to tap a pony keg? Tapping a pony keg is similar to tapping any other Sanke keg. You can use a beer keg party pump for outdoor parties or incorporate your pony keg into a draft beer dispensing system with a kegerator pony keg size.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Pony Keg 
Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Pony Keg

Here are the basic instructions for tapping a pony keg with a pump:

  • Prepare a base of ice in the bag and place the keg on top of it.
  • Fill the rest of the bag with ice, packing it around the sides of the keg.
  • Insert the keg pump between the lugs and the top of the keg, twisting it clockwise about a quarter turn until it’s snug.
  • Pull out on the handle and push it down to tap the keg. Once the keg pump is in place, close the zipper around the pump to retain the cold temperature.
  • Before pumping, tap the keg and observe how it pours. Depending on the settling time, you may need to pour off the initial foam. Ideally, it should take about six to eight seconds to fill a 16-ounce cup with a perfect pour.

Note: For optimal results, follow these instructions carefully when dealing with a pony keg.

Cost Considerations When Purchasing a Pony Keg

The price range for pony kegs typically starts from $90 and may go up to $160, depending on the manufacturer and model. If you are looking to buy pony kegs, Beverage Craft provides a wide range of draft beer equipment and accessories, including kegerators, keg couplers, and beer line cleaners.

If you’re wondering where to buy a pony keg near you, Beverage Craft is the top choice. We offer high-quality, affordable beer kegs, keg parts, and other keg equipment in Canada and the USA. Whether you’re in search of an empty beer keg or corny kegs for sale, you’ll find competitive prices here.

FAQs: pony keg

How long does it take for a pony keg to get cold?

How long does it take for a pony keg to reach a cold temperature? A keg at an ambient temperature of 23°C can chill within approximately 10 hours. Pre-chilling the keg in a refrigerator will expedite the cooling process. When you insert a pre-chilled keg at 7°C into the appliance, it cools down to 3°C and becomes ready to pour in about 3 hours.

Why is my pony keg so foamy?

Why is my pony keg experiencing excessive foaming? Normally, it should be maintained within the recommended pressure range of 10-12 PSI. If the pressure is too high, it can result in over-foaming from your kegerator. It is crucial to monitor and adjust the pressure on your CO2 regulator to ensure it aligns with the type of beer you are dispensing. Additionally, the temperature at which you serve the beer is also vital. Serving it either too warm or too cold can have a negative impact on its quality.

How many 16 oz pours in a pony keg?

A pony keg typically contains the same amount of beer as a quarter keg, which is equivalent to 62 16-ounce pints or 82 12-ounce cans or bottles.

3 thoughts on “How Many Beers In A Pony Keg? | Lean more about Pony Keg”

  1. So a pony keg is 7.75 gallons. That comes out to 62 standard sized beer glasses you’d get at a bar (pints). Meaning, you’re drinking two pints a day on average. It’s definitely more than the average drinker, but IMO (and this is very subjective) not an excessive amount assuming you’re in good health otherwise.

  2. So a Pony Keg is 7.75 US Gallons, a Corny Keg is 5.0 US Gallons. The latter is more popular for home brewing, but ultimately your APV% is what matters when calculating standard drinks. (14 grams of pure alcohol)

    Most guidelines for drinking max out at 14 standard sized drinks per week for an average man (women should drink less, for both weight and metabolic reasons)

    So let’s assume a Pony Keg with standard pints at 16oz. A pony keg will fit 62 pints, which works out to 15.5 standard drinks per week, there is some overhead of foam and other waste, so you are likely right at the upper limit of the recommended maximum, if not slightly over.

    If you are drinking a lower APV out of a Pony, or a slightly higher out of a Corny, you are likely ok and normal for someone who has invested in a kegerator. But you may want to cut back to enjoy other drinks, as drinking the same beer for a month can be fun, but will get old quickly.

  3. Where I’m at, we reserve “pony” for stubby quarters, because the term can cause confusion. Slim/tall quarters are the large majority of quarters we get at my store. The only pony kegs we get are Bud and Bud Light.


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